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Creating in Campbell

Working at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell, CA. With my arsenal: laptop, notebook and double espresso.

A candid shot of Doug Hughmanick‘s Creative Director Gaze


Comfortable and dead

Your competitors are going to keep killing you because you’re scared [...] You need to decide what kind of company you want to be: comfortable and dead or risky — and possibly rich.

— Don Draper in an episode of Mad Men (“Public Relations”)


The Kanye Commandments

  • No Blogging
  • No Tweeting
  • No Pictures
  • No Hipster Hats
  • No Negative Blog Viewing
  • Just Shut The Fuck Up Sometimes
  • All Laptops On Mute
  • Total Focus On This Project In All Studios
  • Don’t Tell Anyone Anything About What We Are Doing
  • No Acoustic Guitar In The Studio
  • No Lacking Focus While Music Is Being Played Or Music Is Being Made

Printed on 8.5” × 11” sheets of paper, these rules hung inside the studio while Kanye recorded his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Read more behind the scenes stories in this cover story from Complex magazine.

Legit. Always legit.

  • court3nay: may the lord bless Chris Rhee and his clean html.
  • Will: he’s sitting next to me
  • Will: was that sarcastic? or legit? heh
  • court3nay: legit

Will was nice enough to send me that transcript from ENTP’s internal company chat the other day. They’re referring to the redesigned and recoded admin interface for Tender that I helped launch a while back.

All those years of svn blame ridicule and getting whipped for the wrong amount of indents, interchanged tabs/spaces, unpredictable naming conventions and inconsistent double & single quoted attributes has paid off. (Thanks Apple and specifically, Lauren.)

But I’m concerned that for even half a second Will thought Courtenay might have been praising me sarcastically. Didn’t you know I was nice? Brushes shoulder.

The other office

Working at Cloud Seven Cafe in Portland, OR (again)

My buddy Will just told me he spent $400 at Cloud Seven Cafe last year, according to his accounting at Mint. (It should be noted that Cloud Seven didn’t exist until July 2010.)

Considering I’m there with him all the time, I don’t know if I should be more worried about the amount of money I’m spending or the amount of caffeine I’m consuming. But I’ve had the good sense to always pay with cash so I can continue to live in blissful, untracked ignorance.


Suddenly the dream of having my own company has become much stronger… I’m over this bullshit.

I’m ready for different bullshit.

— A friend, messaging me from their job

Glaring in Portland

Working at Cloud Seven Cafe in Portland, OR

Sunlight?! What is the meaning of this? I thought moving to Portland’s year-round grey skies meant I’d be safe from glare once and for all. Time to kick myself for not getting the matte screen on my Macbook Pro.

Boardwalk Empire visual effects reel

Before & after shots of visual effects from Boardwalk Empire. Amazing work by Brainstorm Digial.


The next two weeks

Me: I’ll just be busy the next two weeks. And then I can relax.
Melisa: You know you say that every time we talk?

— Late night phone call with Melisa

This week’s makeshift home office

Just moved to a new location in downtown Portland! I haven’t unpacked everything, but enough to get some work done. I’ll post more pictures once everything’s setup.

“I believe I deserve some recognition”

You know what's cool? A billion dollars.

Over at ENTP, we just posted a sneak peek of the upcoming Tender redesign. I’ve been focusing on this admin overhaul with the rest of ENTP and we’re close to the point where we can use & test it ourselves. Next step: Public launch!


“I’m an expert”

  • Jill: those don’t look comfortable
  • Chris: they are
  • Jill: right
  • Chris: no, seriously, they are
  • Jill: this is another design over functionality thing
  • Chris: it’s not
  • Chris: I’ve sat in them before
  • Chris: I’m an expert on sitting on my ass for long periods of time, don’t try to tell me about chairs

Snapshot of a work in progress

In a few weeks, we’re launching a redesign of Tender’s admin area. I’ve been sharing some screenshots on Dribbble and gathering feedback from other sites. People have been digging the sneak peeks and we’re making good progress. But there’s still a lot of work to do — so back to the design caves I go.

Coming soon: I’m writing some blog posts to share the design decisions made during this project. So back to the writing caves I go.

Two things

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

— Leonard Bernstein