The site

BLOOD is behind the scenes of creative work. It’s an inside look at new projects/ideas and the design, development and business decisions behind them. It’s a look at the beautiful struggle — both mine & others.

Plus a bunch of other crap that’s not as important. Which brings us to…

Chris Rhee

I’m a twenty-five year old kid who’s given nearly half his life to this web game. I live in San Jose, California & Portland, Oregon. I do “website stuff” — which means I design, develop and write for the web.

(People say I look young for my age.)

Things I like: The Wire, The Sopranos, a good chicken parmigiana, good food in general, Tonedeff, Barenaked Ladies (the band), stand-up comedy and non-fiction books. I also have a predilection for older females in bifocals.

Other sites I work on