Legit. Always legit.

  • court3nay: may the lord bless Chris Rhee and his clean html.
  • Will: he’s sitting next to me
  • Will: was that sarcastic? or legit? heh
  • court3nay: legit

Will was nice enough to send me that transcript from ENTP’s internal company chat the other day. They’re referring to the redesigned and recoded admin interface for Tender that I helped launch a while back.

All those years of svn blame ridicule and getting whipped for the wrong amount of indents, interchanged tabs/spaces, unpredictable naming conventions and inconsistent double & single quoted attributes has paid off. (Thanks Apple and specifically, Lauren.)

But I’m concerned that for even half a second Will thought Courtenay might have been praising me sarcastically. Didn’t you know I was nice? Brushes shoulder.