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Pixels from Portland


My home office in Portland. Yes, I have flannel slippers with penguins on them.

Previously on Blood

Moving day: Plotting in Portland

Stupid grin

or: Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz

Scrivs created a new design community called Drawar and asked members to link up their blog. So I did…

  • scrivs: I’m loving Cut & Taste Chris.
  • chris: Men love the pink.


Nerds & Geeks

  • tyme: I’m fascinated by this self-called nerd community but the more I watch, the more I wonder the difference between a geek and a nerd?
  • chris: The people who care about the difference are nerds ;)

Best of September 2009: Us


Cut & Taste is a little blog where my friends & I share our love of food. Since its redesign, the site has been getting link love on blogs, web design galleries & other agencies’ client emails. Recently, we were featured in Vandelay Design’s roundup, Best of September 2009.

And a few other places

Plotting in Portland


After living in California’s bay area for over two decades, I’m gonna try something different. Over the next week, I’ll be setting up a home office in Portland, Oregon. Expect more pictures from an actual camera once the dust has settled!


QN5 Music in the spotlight

QN5 featured in Expression Engine Showcase Gallery

QN5 Music is featured in the Spotlight section of ExpressionEngine‘s Showcase Gallery. ExpressionEngine is the software behind QN5’s new website. We use it to manage our content, update the blog, run our forums, etc.

This is the 2nd ExpressionEngine site I’ve worked on to be featured in the Spotlight category. Whoever decides which sites get added there, I thank you! As per our agreement, the bribe will be sent via PayPal tonight.

iPhone typos

A conversation with Tonedeff from QN5 Music on whether they should do a video blog…

  • chris: Figures it’s too much work for you guys
  • chris: ... Figured*
  • chris: Fucking iPhone


So you think you can design

  • msfathom: They really have a reality show following the lives of meter maids & tow truck drivers on the job. What’s next?
  • chris: There’s still no web designer reality show. Apparently, being a web designer is more boring than being a meter maid.
  • msfathom: the idea is worth pitching to TLC.
  • chris:Nah. We have blogs. We’re too ugly for TV.

Photoshop DMT

  • chris: i still <3 her
  • chris: but whoever is art directing her stuff needs to stop
  • patricia: they need to stop takin drugs, maybe
  • chris: or at least less potent ones
  • chris: no more dimethyltryptahmine while using photoshop