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This week’s makeshift home office

Just moved to a new location in downtown Portland! I haven’t unpacked everything, but enough to get some work done. I’ll post more pictures once everything’s setup.

“I’m an expert”

  • Jill: those don’t look comfortable
  • Chris: they are
  • Jill: right
  • Chris: no, seriously, they are
  • Jill: this is another design over functionality thing
  • Chris: it’s not
  • Chris: I’ve sat in them before
  • Chris: I’m an expert on sitting on my ass for long periods of time, don’t try to tell me about chairs

Progress from Portland

Happy 2010! Here’s some photos for people who like to spy on others’ home offices. Warning: There’s not a single stick of furniture from IKEA.

My office #3
The view from the front door.

My office #2
A comfortable chair for reading reddit-ing.

My office #1
The view from above.

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Pixels from Portland


My home office in Portland. Yes, I have flannel slippers with penguins on them.

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